PT. Bukit Darmo Property Tbk.


As part of the company’s commitment to behave ethically and contribute to sustainable economic development, improving the life quality of employees, local communities and society at large, here are some activities did for CSR:

  • The company continues to manage and monitor the construction of absorption wells in an effort of refilling ground water, monitor the domestic waste water, impact on flooding and / or water run-off as well as other disruptions including: used motor oil, noise, gas and so on.
  • Greenery around mall and apartment’s building as well as maintaining public road and provide public lighting.
  • Conducted social activities such as blood donation program, organize a national traditional art events, visit and give donations to orphanages and organize religious activities
  • In the employment practices and workplace safety, the company guarantees the right of employees in compliance with the applicable company and government legislation
  • In the form of product responsibility, the company has been designing apartments and a mall with attention to customer safety among others, provide ventilation air, provide 3 emergency stairs in apartment and 2 in the mall, make STP for malls and apartment waste, fire fighting system such as the installation of heat detector in all apartment units, provide fire hydrant in each floor, etc. In addition, the company provides a customer service center to provide information and accommodate any complaints from mall and apartment