PT. Bukit Darmo Property Tbk.


principles of good corporate

In maintaining the Company’s reputation as a public company on the basis of the trust of customers,
business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders. The company implements Corporate
Governance to create additional value in further business development and put forward
these following principles:

The company protects all shareholder’s interests by establishing an independent commissioner. As
well as managing the company by prioritizing the interests of all stakeholders based on fairness and

a. The company presents the financial and non-financial information for shareholders and all relevant
b. The company publishes Corporate Financial Statements Audited by Public Accountant Office and reported to the Financial Services Authority, the Indonesia Stock Exchange and published in at least two newspapers of national circulation. The company also reported the fact to each of the Indonesia Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Authority
c. Managing investments trustworthily and prudentially, shown by the existence of Report on the Use of
IPO (Initial Public Offering) Proceeds.

The company is responsible for managing its performance transparently and fairly by managing the clarity of functions, rights, obligations, powers and responsibilities of each shareholders and board of
Directors. The company established an Audit Committee and led by an Independent Commissioner

The company complies with all applicable regulations both the Limited Liability Company Law and
Capital Market Authority as well as regulations issued by the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Company has
submitted their employees in the social security program and provides employee salaries above the
local minimum wage. In addition, the company has consistently done the tax payments and tax reporting